Grant Thornton (Ukraine)

Grant Thornton (Ukraine) provides all types of audit services – both standard audit of annual financial statements for shareholders, state authorities and also audit for IPO purposes, confirmation of compliance with loan agreements, management agreements, prescribed use of funds from grant agreements. We have international experience, global system of services supply and quality control, free access to own and international technical resources.



Grant Thornton (Ukraine) works equally responsibly:

  • with state-owned companies and with companies from private sector  of the economy
  • with communal enterprises and with  non-profit organizations
  • with the largest public companies(included in Top 50) and with small and   medium businesses.

 Audit of financial statements according to :

  • IFRS
  • local Ukrainian GAAP
  • Group accounting policy
  • other comprehensive bases of accounting

Types of Audit:

  • obligatory audit 
  • voluntary audit
  • special purpose reports


  • Compilation of financial statements according to IFRS, US GAAP or other comprehensive basis of accounting
  • Review of financial statements / interim reports
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Internal control reporting
  • Methodology and Guidelines.

The fundamental aspects of our corporate culture include:

  • transparency throughout the process
  • professional audit team and responsive national office support
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  • use of innovative technology
  • comprehensive planning and risk assessment
  • regular interaction and communication with the Client’s management

Certificate of insurance

Certificate of insurance [ 718 kb ]

Registration documents for conducting audit activity in Ukraine - Read here

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