We believe we have the global scale and expertise to make a real difference in our communities, and we are in a position to effect positive change in the communities we work and live in.

This was demonstrated on 17 September 2015, our inaugural CSR day. On that day we shared our stories, volunteered our time and expertise and made commitments for the coming year. 

In Thailand during a three day event our people carried out many activities at a school in the rural area of the country including building an extension multi-purpose building, canteen maintenance, painting water tanks, and building a recycle garbage plant.

Video In September 2016 we had our global CSR event ‘Growing Together in the community’, where our people helped to unlock the potential of their local communities across the world. Watch video

In Pretoria, South Africa there was a project to inform a whole community about the benefits of education. Our firm brought together over 300 students, teachers, headmasters, community leaders and parent representatives. They guided and taught the students, with a strong focus on using traditional storytelling to get across important messages.